The Nude Model Posing in the nude

How long do you think you could hold this pose? Ten minutes? Try it!

PLEASE NOTE: This video contains full frontal nudity.

Take a glimpse into a fascinating profession that most people know little about. Once considered worse than prostitution, models speak openly about what it's like posing in the nude for an art class, we also hear candid stories from artists about their first time drawing a nude, and why life drawing is important to them.
Shot during an actual art class, this best selling video gives a compelling insight into the model's life through a series of candid interviews with both models and artists. From the aches and pains of holding long poses, to the working conditions for both men and women, from artist's expectations, to public opinion both historical and present day.

This 12 minute video is for anyone interested in this unique profession. For students about to go into their first life drawing class, for models interested in nude modelling jobs, for artists interested in drawing the nude.